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A Little About Us


Bolt Management is a creative modeling agency founded in Austin, Texas. We provide talent for print and digital branding to brands and content creators to create strategic marketing. ​

The goal of Bolt Management is to bring a modern touch to the creative community. With quick response times, hiring a model for your brand production has never been easier. Results have proven- real people bring real results. Bolt Management builds partnerships with brands and businesses that are looking to take it to the next level.



We have sourced the talent that your business is looking for. With a marketing and sales mindset- we have the data to prove that real people bring real results.

Production Partnerships

Booking a production requires a lot of moving parts. We build partnerships with photographers, videographers, hair and makeup artists, and studios to make production simple.

User Generated Content

Our talent can be the face of your digital presence- in more than just modeling. We take it to the next level by providing UGC content production. Send us your product and we will send you photos, videos, and even tik-toks. 

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