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Get to know us

Bolt Management, established in Austin, Texas, is an innovative modeling agency specializing in offering talent for both print and digital branding. Our mission is to enhance the creative landscape by providing swift and efficient model hiring solutions for brand productions, facilitating strategic marketing endeavors for brands and content creators.

Our Goals

The goal of Bolt Management is to bring a modern touch to the creative community. With quick response times, hiring a model for your brand production has never been easier. Results have proven- real people bring real results. Bolt Management builds partnerships with brands and businesses that are looking to take it to the next level.


What is important to us


You are only as strong as the people who support you. We bring industry individuals together to help eachother grow towards goals. Whether a photographer, model, makeup artist, or production studio- We like to work together and connect to achieve goals. 


We do not have height or sizing requirements for applying to our agency. We know that depending on what your brand or businesses is- shapes the type of model that you need. Target markets vary and your market wants to see someone they relate to in your production. We experienced this gap in agencies when we were sourcing talent, and this helped push the start of Bolt.

Good Vibes

We work with the best, and pride ourselves on a team of people you will love to work with. The energy on a set can totally transform the content that is able to be created- that being said, we work with people who are passionate and who have great energy. Every model on our team goes through an interview process to ensure they represent our main mission.



We have sourced the talent that your business is looking for. With a marketing and sales mindset- we have the data to prove that real people bring real results.

Production Partnerships

Booking a production requires a lot of moving parts. We build partnerships with photographers, videographers, hair and makeup artists, and studios to make production simple.

User Generated Content

Our talent can be the face of your digital presence- in more than just modeling. We take it to the next level by providing UGC content production. Send us your product and we will send you photos, videos, and even tik-toks. 

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